Jun 20, 2023
WWE RAW Results – June 19th, 2023

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We see Raquel Rodriguez watching on MONITOR and she is not smiling. Raquel says it is an honor to step in the ring with a legend like Trish. Raquel says what Rhea did to Natalya is not cool. She says when she wins at Money in the Bank, she is going to cash in on Rhea.Rhea shows up in Gorilla and asks Raquel what did she say. Raquel says that Rhea isn’t ready for Raquel.

Raquel Rodriguez vs. Trish Stratus in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Before the match, Trish says Cleveland is lucky to get to see her qualify for Money in the Bank. Then she will make history when she becomes Ms. Money in the Bank, or Zoey. As long as it isn’t Becky.

Back in the ring and Trish with punches and kicks. Raquel catches Trish on a Thesz Press and ragdolls her before Raquel sends Trish to the mat. Raquel with a slam and a splash into the corner. Trish has the referee hold Raquel back. Raquel with a waist lock and Trish with elbows and a slap. Trish backs off but Raquel runs Trish into the corner and connects with shoulders. Raquel with an Irish whip but she misses a shoulder when Trish moves. Raquel hits the ring post and Trish with a tornado DDT for a near fall.

Trish with more near falls. Trish slams Raquel’s head into the mat and rubs her face in the mat. Trish with a kick to Raquel and she chokes Raquel in the ropes. Trish with a reverse chin lock from the turnbuckles but Raquel gets Trish on her shoulders and runs Trish into the turnbuckles. Raquel misses a boot in the corner. Trish with a kick and then she tries to tie Raquel’s hair in the turnbuckles but Raquel goes for a power bomb and Trish counters with a rana that sends Raquel into the turnbuckles.

Trish with a punch and a camel clutch. Raquel gets to her feet while Trish fish hooks Raquel. Raquel escapes and she sends Trish into the corner and hits a splash. Raquel with snake eyes and a clothesline. Raquel gets Trish up for a fallaway slam. Trish falls to the floor. Raquel goes to the floor and she sends Trish back into the ring. Zoey trips Raquel on the apron and then Trish sends Raquel into the ring post for a near fall.

Becky Lynch ocmes out and hits Zoey from behind and sends her into the ringside barrier. Becky sends Trish into the ringside barrier and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Trish Stratus (by disqualification)

After the match, Becky goes after Trish but Trish gets away from Becky and retreats into the safety of Zoey Stark. Raquel wants to know what the heck has happened. Becky tries to explain herself but Raquel is not happy at all…

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