Aug 28, 2023
WWE RAW Results – August 28th, 2023

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Jackie Redmond is in the back with Becky Lynch. Becky is asked about her match against Trish and if she has any second thoughts about tonight’s match. Becky says she has been thinking about whooping Zoey around this arena. Is this the easy way out? Does she want the easy way out? No. She says she is going to bring a lot of chaos.


Trish Stratus is in the back and she tells Becky she is the idiot who asked for this match. You are giving Zoey Stark free reign to do anything she wants. Trish mentions their match on Saturday. Zoey says when she is done with Becky, she will leave enough for Trish to have in the steel cage match.

We go to commercial.

– Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Falls Count Anywhere
Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark (w/ Trish Stratus)

As the match begins, Becky retrieves a kendo stick from under the ring. She uses the kendo stick to strike Zoey a few times. Becky follows up with a White Russian Leg Sweep, leading to a near fall. Zoey rolls out of the ring, and Becky kicks her and delivers a forearm. Trish also employs the kendo stick, hitting Becky several times. Zoey attempts a powerbomb, but Becky manages to get to the apron and kick Zoey. Becky then punches Trish off the apron and performs a cross body onto both Zoey and Trish for a near fall. Becky proceeds to send Zoey into the ringside barrier. However, Zoey responds by hitting Becky with the kendo stick while Becky searches under the ring. Zoey then throws Becky into the ring steps, resulting in another near fall.

Back in the ring, Becky kicks Zoey while she’s caught in the ropes and connects with uppercuts. Zoey counters with a springboard dropkick for a near fall. Zoey instructs Trish to retrieve a chair from under the ring, but Trish accidentally hits Zoey with the chair. Becky rolls Zoey up for a near fall. Trish throws chairs into the ring without causing harm this time. Zoey delivers a kick to Becky and places her on the turnbuckles, attempting a superplex. However, Becky manages to knock Zoey off the turnbuckles. Afterward, Becky executes a leg drop on Zoey, nearly securing a pinfall.

Becky then tries to apply DisArmHer, but Zoey escapes and sends Becky into the chairs. Becky prevents Zoey from executing Z360 and responds with a uranage for a near fall. Becky chases Trish around the ring, while Trish eventually grabs a kendo stick. Becky blocks Trish’s attempt and kicks her, hitting her with the kendo stick multiple times. Trish retreats to the back as Becky continues her attack. Meanwhile, Zoey hits Becky with a chair a few times, earning a near fall as the match heads into a commercial break.

As the action continues, Becky sends Zoey over the ringside barrier and into the ringside area. Becky follows up with a forearm strike off the ringside barrier. She then executes an exploder suplex into the ringside barrier, resulting in a near fall. Becky directs her attention to the area under the ring, signaling to the crowd that she’s planning to retrieve a table. Despite her intentions, Zoey kicks Becky, causing the table to be pushed aside. Zoey sends Becky back into the ring and drops her onto the top rope. Zoey uses a chair to strike Becky in the back before proceeding with her offense.

Zoey places a chair on top of Becky and climbs to the apron for a springboard twisting senton onto Becky and the chair. This move nearly results in a pinfall for Zoey. Subsequently, Zoey pulls Becky into a pile of chairs and adds one on top of her as well.

Zoey climbs the turnbuckles, but Becky strikes her with a kendo stick. Becky then positions herself for a superplex onto the chairs and executes it, leading to a near fall. Zoey rolls to the outside of the ring. Becky proceeds to remove the hood of the announce table and reorganizes the setup. She attempts a uranage on the table, but Zoey counters with elbows and Trish interferes by tripping Becky. Zoey seizes the opportunity to deliver a sliding kick to Becky on the announce table, earning a near fall.

As the action continues, Zoey kicks Becky and heads to the ringside barrier. However, Becky retaliates by pushing Zoey off the barrier. Becky sends Trish over the announce table and starts setting up for a uranage on the storage cases. Trish intervenes once again, executing a bulldog off the table. Trish calls on Zoey to make the cover, and while Trish pulls Zoey over to Becky, the pinfall attempt only results in a near fall.

Trish and Zoey engage in a forearm exchange and make their way towards the storage cases, continuing their brawl. Meanwhile, Becky shoves Zoey to the outside of the ring. Becky delivers a kick to Zoey, who manages to counter Becky’s uranage attempt. However, Zoey inadvertently knocks Trish off, causing Trish to crash through a table. Capitalizing on the situation, Becky successfully executes a uranage through a table to secure the three-count victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch


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