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Patricia Anne Stratigeas, better known by the ring name Trish Stratus, is a Canadian professional wrestler, actress and yoga instructor. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand.

Born: December 18, 1975 (age 47 years)
From: Toronto, Canada
Spouse: Ron Fisico (m. 2006)
Children: Maximus Stratus Fisico
Height: 5′ 4″
Parents: John Stratigias, Alice Stratigias
Siblings: Melissa Stratigias, Christie Stratigias

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WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Results
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Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring. Trish asks everyone if they are having fun. She says a lot of special things are happening tonight and a lot of things happened to her in this building. She says she was the suprise partner of a certain someone.

Trish brings out John Cena who makes his way to the ring.

John says they sound like they are ready to sing. John says they showed up to make some noise. John says he is here to announce that he is officially retiring from WWE. John says he hears a mixed opinion. There may be a lot of questions. Why here? John says he wants to talk about Toronto and Canada and Canadians. John says he has been doing this more over two decades and he has seen incredible waves of prosperity like now. WWE is the hottest ticket in town. John says he has seen tremendous hardship when nobody knows your name and want to be your friend. That is when the most die hard fans stay by your side.

John says he learned that whether WWE is hot or cold, Canadians show up. You need to be making noise for yourselves because you made this what it is today. That makes this the perfect thing for him to say what he has to say.

Why now? John says because it is Money in the Bank. The ultimate symbol of opportunity. This farewell does not end tonight. Raw makes history next year when it moves to Netflix. John says that is ia first and he will be there. Along with that history making first, they are going to build so many lasts. The 2025 Royal Rumble will be his last. The 2025 Elimination Chamber will be his last. Wrestlemania in Las Vegas will be his last Wrestlemania that he will compete in. John says he will answer any question at the start of the press conference.

John says he wants to say thank you.

John thanks the fans for that gesture of kindness. John thanks everyone for letting him play in the house that you built. John thanks them for their voice and their honesty. John thanks everyone for allowing him to be here tonight to let everyone know that he will be returning to Toronto to kick some ass.

John says if you want some, hurry up and gets some because the last time is now.


Jackie Redmond is with Trish Stratus and she asks about the show. Tiffany Stratton interrupts and says they should be talking about her. She tells Trishy that she should be saying something about her. She says she is going viral. Trish says she was going to congratulate Tiffany but she tells her not to get ahead of herself. When you cash in, you will determine if you are a future hall of famer or a flash in the pan. Tiffany says Trish’s time has passed while hers is starting.


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