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Patricia Anne Stratigeas, better known by the ring name Trish Stratus, is a Canadian professional wrestler, actress and yoga instructor. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand.

Born: December 18, 1975 (age 47 years)
From: Toronto, Canada
Spouse: Ron Fisico (m. 2006)
Children: Maximus Stratus Fisico
Height: 5′ 4″
Parents: John Stratigias, Alice Stratigias
Siblings: Melissa Stratigias, Christie Stratigias

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WWE Payback 2023 Results
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Steel Cage Match
Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus

As they make their entrances, we see NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton standing in the crowd with her belt.

As the bell rings to commence the match, a tense standoff unfolds.

Trish initially attempts to make a quick escape by heading towards the door, but Becky is quick to intercept her, preventing her exit. The action intensifies as Trish avoids Becky’s potentially devastating Manhandle Slam. Instead, Trish opts to make her way towards the ropes, attempting to climb out of the cage. Becky, however, halts her progress by grabbing hold of her.

In retaliation, Trish delivers a well-placed punch to Becky. Becky counters with a barrage of forearm strikes before sending Trish crashing into the turnbuckles. The Irish Lass Kicker follows it up with a series of punishing chops. Becky then skillfully blocks a kick from Trish and proceeds to execute not one, not two, but three exploder suplexes, showcasing her dominance.

Becky’s intentions become clear as she tries to propel Trish headfirst into the steel cage. Trish puts up a fight, preventing herself from making contact with the cold, unforgiving structure. Instead, Trish turns the tables, sending Becky into the mat and delivering a well-placed kick.

With both competitors showing their determination, Trish seizes the opportunity to start climbing the cage, looking to secure victory by escaping. Becky, however, is relentless and joins Trish on the top rope. In a high-stakes battle at the summit of the cage, Becky unleashes a flurry of punches, ultimately knocking Trish off the ropes.

The battle inside the Steel Cage Match rages on as Trish Stratus takes control, strategically using the cage to her advantage. She stretches Becky Lynch in the ropes, subjecting her opponent to excruciating pressure. Trish then delivers a powerful kick, sending Becky crashing into the steel cage. In a ruthless move, Trish pushes Becky’s face against the unforgiving steel, adding to her opponent’s torment.

Becky retaliates with a series of forearms, fighting back against Trish’s relentless offense. Trish responds with authority, executing a spinebuster that nearly secures her the victory. Becky, however, displays her resilience by stopping Trish from making her way to the exit. A quick rollup by Becky results in a near fall, and Trish reciprocates with a near fall of her own.

Trish continues her offensive onslaught by sending Becky into the steel cage once more. She ruthlessly fish hooks Becky and forces her opponent to endure yet another collision with the steel. Trish takes a moment to revel in her dominance before returning to target Becky. A well-placed kick and a face slam into the mat further cement Trish’s control over the match.

Trish doesn’t hesitate to utilize the cage to her advantage, choking Becky against the ropes. However, Becky summons her resilience, sending Trish into the cage multiple times and then delivering a series of brutal lawn dart throws. Becky manages to secure a near fall as she gains momentum.

Becky makes a move to apply her signature DisArmHer submission hold, but Trish strategically prevents it from being locked in properly. Trish inches closer to the door, seemingly with her escape in mind. Still, she makes sure to send Becky into the steel cage a few more times.

Trish attempts a Matrix-like move, but it backfires as Becky counters with a punishing leg drop when Trish holds on to the bridge for too long.

The Steel Cage Match between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus reaches a pivotal moment as both competitors unleash a flurry of strikes. Becky starts with a forearm, but Trish responds with one of her own. They engage in a fierce back-and-forth exchange, with neither woman willing to yield. However, Becky gains the upper hand with a sharp European uppercut followed by a well-executed back heel kick.

Becky’s offensive onslaught continues as she sends Trish crashing into the steel cage. Both competitors exchange brutal cage-induced collisions. Becky seizes the opportunity to further punish her opponent, sending Trish into the steel multiple times.

Becky showcases her agility with a springboard side kick that drives the back of Trish’s head into the cage. The near fall attempt continues as Becky delivers a guillotine leg drop off the ropes.

Becky’s relentless assault continues with a running forearm and a series of kicks to Trish, who finds herself trapped in the corner. However, Trish demonstrates her resilience by pushing Becky into the cage. Trish goes for her signature handstand rana, but Becky manages to block it. Trish quickly pulls herself up, and the two exchange forearm strikes.

Trish begins to climb over Becky, making her way to the top of the cage. With the audience holding their breath, Trish delivers a well-placed kick that sends Becky crashing to the mat. But Becky’s determination knows no bounds, as she swiftly grabs Trish off the top of the cage, hoists her onto her shoulders, and executes a breathtaking power bomb.

The intensity inside the Steel Cage Match escalates as both Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus refuse to back down. Trish uses sharp elbows to thwart Becky’s attempts at executing her devastating Manhandle Slam. A well-placed kick by Trish is followed by her signature Widow’s Peak maneuver, leading to a near fall as the match’s suspense builds.

Trish continues to assert her dominance by slamming Becky’s head into the mat repeatedly, displaying her determination to secure victory. Trish then sets up for her iconic Stratusfaction maneuver, but Becky manages to elude her grasp and counters with a Twist of Fate. The dramatic exchange results in a near fall for Becky.

However, Becky appears to be dealing with an injury as her knee gives out during the intense battle. Seizing the moment, Trish seizes the opportunity to execute Stratusfaction on Becky, but it’s still not enough to secure the victory as Becky narrowly kicks out.

The Steel Cage Match reaches its climax as Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch engage in a high-stakes battle atop the cage. Trish initiates the exchange with a boot to Becky’s midsection, signaling her intent to climb to the top of the cage.

As Trish ascends to the cage’s summit, Becky intervenes, determined to prevent her opponent’s escape. The tension mounts as Trish reaches the pinnacle, and the two competitors engage in a brutal forearm exchange on the ropes. Becky attempts to execute her Manhandle Slam off the top rope, but Trish counters with a well-timed elbow and kick. Trish capitalizes on the opportunity, delivering a bulldog off the turnbuckles and earning a near fall.

With victory hanging in the balance, Trish once again begins her ascent to the top of the cage, inching closer to a potential escape. Becky, however, refuses to relent, slamming Trish’s face into the unforgiving steel atop the cage. The competitors engage in a fierce punch exchange as they teeter on the edge of the cage.

Becky momentarily loses her footing, crashing into the cage, and is sent sprawling to the mat. Trish takes advantage of this opening, making her way over and starting her descent. But Becky seizes the opportunity to pull Trish back onto the top of the cage. The precarious situation intensifies as Trish is caught in the cage’s structure, hanging from the top.

Becky grabs hold of Trish, pulling her into a vertical position while still atop the cage. The drama reaches its peak as Becky sets up for a superplex, executing the high-impact move and sending Trish crashing down into the ring. But it is only a two count.

Zoey Starks, who has been closely watching the match, intervenes by pulling Trish towards the exit door. Becky and Zoey engage in a tense tug-of-war with Trish caught in the middle. Ultimately, Becky successfully pulls Trish back into the ring, but Zoey retaliates by slamming the door into Becky’s face. Trish seizes this opportunity to roll up Becky for a near fall.

Becky remains undeterred, avoiding Trish’s Chick Kick and countering with her signature Manhandle Slam. However, Zoey once again intervenes, breaking up the pinfall attempt and ensuring the match’s thrilling conclusion. Zoey attempts to pull Trish towards the exit door, but Becky swiftly closes it, preventing Trish from escaping.

Becky Lynch and Zoey Starks engage in a fierce exchange of punches, with each competitor refusing to back down. Zoey gains the upper hand with a well-executed clothesline, briefly turning the tide in her favor.

Trish Stratus seizes the opportunity to climb the cage, inching closer to a potential escape. In a display of her incredible strength and agility, Becky Lynch delivers a devastating Manhandle Slam to Zoey, leaving her opponent stunned in the center of the ring.

Becky then turns her attention to Trish, preventing her from making her way over the top of the cage. In a brutal sequence, Becky slams Trish’s head into the steel cage and then executes a Super Manhandle Slam that shakes the ring to its core. The referee counts to three, signaling the end of this thrilling Steel Cage Match.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch celebrates and heads to the back. Zoey Stark helps Trish Stratus up. Trish gets up and pulls her arm away from Stark. She slaps Stark and tells her to get out.

Stark slams the cage door shut instead of leaving and turns back. She hoists Trish up and hits her with the Z-360. She takes her “Thank you, Trish!” shirt off and throws it on Trish’s fallen body.


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