Aug 21, 2023
WWE RAW Results – August 21st, 2023

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We take a look back at what happened last week between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus. They meet in a steel cage at Payback.

In the Arena:

Becky says she has Trish Stratus in a steel cage at Payback. Over the last few months of this rivalry there has been talk about who is the best and the greatest. It comes down to legacy. What are you in control of and what are you not in control of. Can you turn those lemons into lemonade. Her legacy will not be defined by wins or championships, it will be defined by survival. You can beat her and put her on the shelf for months, but she will always come back. Not because she is unbeatable, but because she is unstoppable.

Becky says she is unstoppable not because she always wins, but because she always fights.

Her and Trish will go into a steel cage but there is some business left with Zoey Stark.

Trish Stratus’ music interrupts and she comes out with Zoey Stark.

Trish says they have been dealing with USA-holes so to be in her native country of Canada… Trish says she should be saying merci beau coup Quebec. She says she does not know how to say how it feels to be in Quebec City… because it means absolutely nothing. She says it isn’t like this is Montreal or Toronto. Trish points out that the Leafs made the playoffs. Trish says she wouldn’t be here if this sourpuss wasn’t running her mouth. She would have been like Trudeau and split.

Trish points out that she does not understand what the people are chanting.

Trish says she has some good news and some bad news for Becky. The good news is when she beats Becky, she will prove she is the greatest of all time. The bad news is that you trapped her in a steel cage. Trish says she has never fought in a steel cage before. Is she scared?

Becky says Trish looks scared.

Trish says she is scared. Was she scared at 24 when she was put in a WWE ring for the first time with no skill? Yeah, but she killed it. Was she scared being put in the main event of Raw? Yeah, but she killed it. Trish says that she has proven herself.

Trish asks what are the frogs doing and she does not understand the chants.

Trish says you want to talk about survival and legacy, here she is 23 years after standing face to face with one of the best in the business. She says she finds herself having to prove herself to Becky and everyone else. Trish says she is sick of proving herself. When you step in the cage, you will see a side of her that you have never seen before. You should be scared because you are not going to survive this one… bitch.

Becky sarcastically says she is so scared. Becky goes back to Zoey. Next week, it will be her and Zoey in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.


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