May 22, 2023
WWE RAW Results – May 22nd, 2023

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Adam is told that Cody will not let anyone into his locker room. Trish Stratus stops Adam from going to check on Cody. Trish says Becky is a little testy and fiery. There should be a no touch policy in effect to make it a professional environment. Adam says there is a lot going on and he thanks Trish for bringing it up, but… No.

In the Arena:

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring for the contract signing and Corey Graves is in the ring to host it.

Becky signs the contract and then she tells Trish to come out to the ring and get this done.

Trish makes her way to the ring and she says Becky is so eager. You weren’t that eager to come back to Raw after I kicked off your head, were you? Trish says this is a big moment. She says this is her first contract signing and she wants to enjoy it. Trish says Becky looks so cool and casual with her weird glasses on. This is nothing for you because you have had so many contract signings. It is because of her and what she did to single handedly change wrestling so you could do your Irish jig in a restaurant and contract signings were part of the landscape.

Trish says she is still number one and will always be number one. She was number one the moment she got into WWE and it didn’t take a broken nose to get there. You say you’re it. What happens when I beat you at Night of Champions? That makes her ‘It’. What will happen to you? Will you crawl into a dark, deep place and go through your stuff again. I figured you out. I know your weak spots. It is you. You are your worst enemy. When you said you wanted a name for the badness in you, it had a name on it.

Trish says she will sign the contract, but isn’t it kind of ironic. This is her first contract signing and Becky’s last contract signing.

Becky takes off her glasses and she looks at Trish. Becky asks Trish if she is scared. You are scared that she is going to hurt Trish. She wants Trish at the top of her health at Night of Champions. You are scared that you are going to be forgotten. You stayed the same and they remember you as being better than you are. Becky says she is better than Trish thinks she is. Don’t think about why she was gone, but that she is back. You want your flowers. That is what this is all about.

Becky tells Trish ‘Thank You’. Thank you for being everything she doesn’t want to become. You can stab people in the back, but I will punch you in the face. Becky knows she is not perfect but she can carry on, regardless. She is able to have a career that Trish can only dream of. You have done things that would give her nightmares. if you think barking like a dog is embarrassing, wait until I whoop your ass at Night of Champions. Welcome to the big time bitcch, woof woof.

Trish pushes the table over and leaves the ring.

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